I spoke on Friday to a group of individuals hurting from horrific loss and grief. I heard questions. They get us stuck. Stop us. Stall us out.

How do I move past my unanswered questions?

We want answers, like NOW!  And we want an outcome that would be, the end . And we would be content, if it was an answer that we had prayed for in the affirmative, or the negative, depending on what we were praying for.

  • We want to know.
  • We want to understand.
  • We want to connect the dots to what happened and to the why.
I plan on lining up behind others in heaven, bow and ask Jesus. Why this, and why that, and why? But then it will not matter more than likely, as I will be with and see Jesus!  But now as I am on this side and living on earth. The heart rub for us humans is to learn what to do with those questions.
How do we live here on earth without answers to specific questions?

The Lord knew we would need help in this department and left us one entire book in the Bible about a man named JOB, who went through horrific loss. Did you know he never knew why He went through what He went through? Learn and read and camp out in the book of JOB in the BIBLE.

Let me ask you a few questions, about those questions, that dog you.

First, do you have questions that weigh you down? They are heavy and hard? Perhaps they are about your children, spouse, parents, or job, that ruminate around and around  in your mind, like a dog chasing that bone?

YOU want the answer.

But, what if you never have an answer. What then?  

What do your unanswered questions take from you?

How long will you give them your life?

A woman asked me during our grief loss session, why, why has God allowed that pain and loss into her friend’s life? Hasn’t she had enough, already?

And yet, only God knows the answer. And that precious woman can not do her friend’s grief and loss. We can only do our own grief and loss.

Then a younger woman asked me a question in which she wants more clarity on. She is focusing on that one question and shelving the Truth and will not read her Bible as she cannot get past that question.

Questions can take too much life from us and rob us of life.

  1. Instead, receive what you do know based on the Truth! Make a list of TRUTH!
  2. Repeat the truth you do know, to shrink the power of the unanswered questions that want to control your life!
  3. Trust God in the process.

Do as the Word says, Proverbs 3:5, Lean not on your own understanding

What will you choose? Take action for YOU!