My Background

I’m the survivor of emotional abuse.

For over a quarter of a century, I lived in an environment where my thoughts, words, and desires were ignored, negated, and stepped on day after day. Emotionally starved, I felt as if my heart had been slaughtered.

My journey to healing began when I connected the dots of my story and realized that I was being abused.

But God- He healed my decimated heart. And now I share that healing route roadmap from pain to purpose to potential, with other abuse victims and women living with emotional pain from betrayal, grief and loss. 

My Values & Beliefs

I care for the hearts of women

I coach struggling women to transform their pain-filled stories to purpose and then use their story for His Glory.

I stand on truth

My coaching is based on biblical principles and rooted in the truth of God’s infallible word.

I want to help you become YOU

Discover your strengths, your gifts, your talents, and step into all that God created you for. Live from that truth and soar!

A little of my story

I first married weeks shy of turning 25. Two years later, I was riding the emotional roller coaster of infertility that lasted years. But God—had my three precious children readied through adoption at His timing. And they are HIS best gifts to me and now their children.

Before I married, I was led to believe that my marriage would be team work full of God’s love to glorify Him. Instead, my self-worth was whittled down daily through power, control, and covert abuse. With my deep anguish and many questions, I turned to my Father, stayed in the Word, and grew deep roots of faith. The longevity of the emotional pain was horrific and almost cost me my life. That marriage came to an end after 27 years and the tsunami size loss was fractured relationships with my children, a home foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

After 4 years, I met a man at my church, a divorce-care and grief-loss support group leader at a larger church. He pursued, we dated, and married. I thought God was turning my life around. After two and a half happy years he abandoned me. This betrayal almost uprooted my deep faith in God.

This story continues in my new book, launching in 2024. My love story gone wrong offers advice on

  • wrestling through the deep hellish pain of betrayal, loss, and death of dreams,
  • learning how to grieve, lament, and receive Truth and, in time,
  • offering comfort to others.

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“No one can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself.”

~James Russell Lowell

  • Was your dream derailed?
  • Can you relate to pain and not your plan?
  • Do you long for more passion, peace and purpose?
  • You KNOW there is more to YOU? But, what?

Life purpose coaching empowers you.
I can help.

  • Was your dream derailed?
  • Can you relate to pain and not your plan?
  • Do you long for more passion, peace and purpose?
  • You KNOW there is more to YOU? But, what?

Life purpose coaching empowers you.
I can help.


Certified Life Purpose Coach

Life Purpose Coaching Centers International ®

15+ Years Life Coaching Experience

Life, Life Purpose, Grief-Loss, Recovery

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Central MI University

Certified Christian Women's Speaker

Keynotes, author events and retreats

Four Published Books

Enable me, Lord, to Shift series.

I have a profound love of God’s word and a zeal for living life to the fullest. My greatest joy is to help hurting women to recycle their pain to purpose. Feel free to explore my helpful links below.

Darlene Larson, 2023 Honoree

16-over-60 Engaged & Inspiring individuals of Kent County (Grand Rapids), MI,

Darlene is a great coach, with a big heart. I was in a difficult season, and transition. Through Darlene’s coaching process, I was able to navigate through new realities, and hard choices. The outcome was freeing! I came to realize that I could let go, and embrace my new mission without giving up my dreams.

I pray blessings over you! You are truly a gift to women!


I had experienced some traumatic spiritual events that left me feeling confused, hurt, abandoned and ashamed (and I was embracing those lies). I took the bold step of obedience to God and committed to one year of Life Purpose Coaching with Darlene, Hearts with a Purpose. Darlene coached me toward God’s Truth and helped me unveil my Kingdom Purpose.

Almost two years later, I continue to step forward in God’s service with joy in my heart. I have renewed purpose, a new church, and enjoying new relationships with Christian women.

Thank you, Jesus, for Darlene’s passion as a Life Purpose Coach. Her love and encouragement helped me to transform my tragedy to triumph – all for the Glory of God.


I am 65 years young and want to thank you, Darlene, from the bottom of my heart for coaching me. I have grown tremendously in my faith, self-image, people pleasing past, and in my marriage relationship.

You spoke Gods Truth in our coaching time and helped me dig deep to discover that God has given me a life purpose to serve Him with the strengths and talents that He gave me to use for His glory.

I am excited about where my life is headed now and I want to encourage any lady out there that is struggling to be open to coaching. May God Bless You Greatly. 


God designed each and every human in His image and for His glory. But this side of Heaven we are met with challenges that can overwhelm the mind, heart, and soul. Life Coaching, and Darlene specifically have played a key role in helping me focus on my identity first as a child of God and secondly articulate my purpose here on earth. I have a new sense of value as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend.


Darlene’s passion for teaching and love for God’s Word has been foundational to my spiritual growth with the Lord. Having taken her Strength Finder’s class was such an eye-opening experience for me. The class was a key that unlocked my strengths, allowing me to live freely as the woman God created me to be. Making the decision to be coached by Darlene is a decision that still benefits me today.


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Connecting the Dots of Emotional Abuse

“Who am I? What is next? Is this all there is to life?”

Your traumatic story CAN be used for His Glory!

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