A sage of a coach

Discover how to live beyond emotional pain!

Discover how to Recycle Your Pain to Purpose to live beyond the emotional pain.
Be coached by a sage that has a trained ear to hear your pain point and knows the way to help you resurrect your life. Whether from abuse, betrayal, and or a grief and loss, let me guide you through the valley of sadness as I’ll coach you to step into the life you dream of without the pain and in time experience true JOY with purpose!

In time, the cloud and the numbness lift to feel joy and laugh again, as healthier emotions grow from within-knowing you made it through THAT… and now discover how to live your potential instead of the pain!

  1. Grief is messy work and if you are in abuse or coming out of it, that is grief work too.
  2. Grace and give yourself a break through personal development  with coaching to change your life. You are WORTH it.
  3. Voice and that means the anger too.
  4. Grant  yourself permission to unpack your pain so you can SEE it  for something good after grief has run its course.
  5. Weep
  6. Lament
  7. Grieve
  8. Speak it. Dump it. Share. Hold nothing back! Heal. 

In 2024 or 2025 Darlene’s latest book will be released on the topic of grief and loss. Be coached. Take inventory of your grief and loss areas. Resurrect your life through a creative writing process while lamenting. Includes 12 weeks- of one hour each of private hourly zoom coaching sessions with Darlene and coaching curriculum in PDF’s! Access to email and/or text availability to Darlene, during the 12 weeks.  (Purchase books on your own.)


Darlene Larson

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