Darlene Larson

Grief-loss and Life Purpose Coach

I help women in emotional pain discover their life purpose to live beyond betrayal, grief and loss, living out their full potential!

I am founder of Hearts with a Purpose.


How are you?

I would love to hear your story.

I help Christian women find purpose with their pain.

Think of how a woman is here and she wants to get over there >>> I help her close that gap and get the results she’s only dreamed of. (Pain-ProblemPurpose & Potential) And many of my clients want help to get their hard stories out of them and into a book(s).

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What they’re saying

Darlene was an oasis of encouragement! She prayed for me unceasingly, caused me to believe in myself again, and gave me personal tools to move forward with all my goals. Her coaching touched every aspect of my life… Signing up for her coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve made in years!


Little did I know coaching would be the best investment in myself that I would ever make. Darlene helped me find my “voice” which I realized had been suppressed since childhood. Her coaching helped me realize that my happiness comes from within myself, and has helped me put GOD front and center in my life.


In all honesty, God working through Darlene, I would never have accomplished what I have with this ministry without her. She will always be one of the people I am most grateful for that had one of the greatest impacts on my life. I love her as a coach, friend, and sister-in-Christ.