So where do we begin to know our purpose and to create a purpose driven life, thus living out purposeful days?

Revelation 4:11,” Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created” (KJV).

Since we are created in the image of GOD and He gives us life, we start with our Father God. We are to love God, first. Then we are to love our neighbor. And we are to bring Him glory. I do believe that is with and through our story and with our personal gifts that GOD has deposited within us. The issue is often we believe lies. I can not do that. Or who do I think I am. And then if we embrace our gifts, then we struggle with how do we show our gifts and use them and not be too puffed up? Women struggle with this one!

Give yourself permission to be you.

And grant yourself permission to BECOME MORE YOU! As you seek GOD, listen to His lead to diligently discern more purpose for you.

Answer this question, why do you think GOD gives you life?

Often we can shoot off roles: to  be a wife, a career woman, a mom, or a grandmother, but what happens when and if those roles go away? What then?

I believe there is a time in  our life when we want to drill down deeper, as to what brings our heart to life and a lift, more than a busy routine-role-kind-of-life! 

God wants us to live, love, and laugh, and to celebrate our journey with Him. Let me give you this example. As I was writing this blog, I heard a knock on my door. I went to the door and opened it. There was a man in his 70’s or 80’s. He shared with me that he makes benches and wanted to look at my bench that was near my front door.  He began to talk in great detail how he fortifies them  with a certain technique and he lost me right there, but I listened. He has about 20 benches in his garage. He fixes them up and sells them.  It was obvious that he loved what he did, as I have never had a man knock on my door to look at my bench before, have you? 

So what do you love so much that you would step out of your vehicle, go up and knock on the door of a stranger’s house and tell them what you love to do, and then ask if you can look at their bench?

Our life is to glorify Him using the strengths and giftedness He has given us. Often that is using our painfilled stories too. Do you have any of those that you want to use the pain for purpose?

I started on my purpose hunt over 20 years ago, praying, sorting, and sifting through my story. He led me to coaching and writing. Speaking and teaching I was already doing but He shifted me from teaching little children to women.

Women that are harried, hurting, and that hunger for more meaning in their life, is my niche, especially women with hard messy stories that want MORE and they think they are to create something too!

Are you willing to pursue God and your purpose?

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