Life Purpose Course that ells the truth

A life purpose course that tells you the truth!


You have a unique life purpose! Invest in this life purpose course that tells you the truth, about YOU! Become more YOU!

  • “I have a purpose,” a 73 year old widow stated after taking this course.
  • “I am focused now,” said a confident client.
  • “I have clarity to what is next  for me and my life,” stated another 61 year old client.
  • “I am finally me,” said another 55 year old woman.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with crafted coaching worksheets that will expose you to you and affirm you  of your life purpose and enable you to set up attainable steps, while you uncover your passionate ache to reassure YOU – YOU ARE on the right road!!

Confidence and boldness grow. Purposelessness slithers away. Step with a smile, knowing, this is what I was made to do.

 Use your story for His glory as you come alive to live knowing YOU! 

 My year of coaching with Darlene was an investment with true Kingdom impact. Diana P.

Darlene Larson

Life Purpose Coach

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