What do I mean by know your why as your will power runs out?

 Read along with me and let me explain. 

Know your “why” God gives you life, as all else will fade away.

Why have I dedicated the last 16 years of my life to Hearts with a Purpose? Why do I even have a blog and a website and send out emails and coach women around the world? And write books?

Because of GOD and my story of the deep hellish emotional pain I lived in for over a quarter century in abuse, and of GOD’s glory with my story, and that GOD does heal emotional pain, and to use my pain for purpose to help other women!

My why…I am to coach, speak, teach and write on behalf of the needs of  harried, hurting, and women that hunger for more purpose. To obey His call brings peace.

My why… is for women in emotional pain that cry out – to know they have a purpose! Book 20 minutes of coaching!

My why … is for women with horrific stories that wonder if any good can come from their one life? It can. Schedule a time.Book a time!

My why … is for women that have lost loved ones! I am sorry. Use your grief for good. Be coached!

My why … is for women that have tasted the hellish nightmare of abuse! I am so sorry. Let Him heal you. He can.

My why … is for women that have been so disappointed with their one life, that they want to give up. Disappointments hurt and almost took my life. I get that, but let Him use you.

My why … has outlasted times when I wanted to give up.

My why … is to see and hear women grasp the aha and the joy, the passion with their purpose and take a step toward becoming who they are meant to become. Begin here!

SO what else can you learn here? Know your why, as your will power runs out.

  1. You can learn how to live instead of just exist.
  2. You can learn to confront and grow your voice.
  3. You can learn to live, laugh, and love.
  4. You can learn to become more YOU and be YOU and be comfortable in YOUR skin.
  5. You can make each day count like none before.
  6. You can! I know so. Take a step toward coaching as it works to share your story and to grow in awareness to what stops you.
  7. And know that growing your inner world is hard work but once you do that, you can live the life you’re meant to live with much joy!
  8. Let’s turn your pain into purpose. Live Beyond Emotional Pain with some joy!