Who am I? What next?


Who am I? What am I to be doing in this season of my life?

“I have been this role, that role, and this role, no wonder I have never been ME. Now I get it.” said a coaching client. Daughter. Single. Wife. Mom. Career Woman. Coach. Jogger. Artist. Home Decorator. Taxi Driver. Daughter-in-law. Stepmom. Grandmother. 

Discover YOU – 12 Weeks of private zoom coaching- each week meet for one hour! 

§   Recognize your limiting beliefs and/or your self-talk that sabotage your dreams. Learn to let them go so you can soar.

§   Unlock your full potential by sharing the wealth of your story with a vested coach and you’ll change your life. Just read what previous women say about coaching with Darlene.

§   Examine the sneak peeks you have had about your life purpose dream- even if it’s whispers and step into them.

§   STEP FREE from the emotional pain from your story and live beyond it. Experience joy, passion, mission, and adventure doing what you’re created for and passionate about!

§   Coaching curriculum included, PDF’s and access to Darlene through email and/or text availability during the 12 weeks. (Books purchased on your own.) Life Changing. Just read testimonies from clients! 

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(Women Darlene has coached:  Singles. Moms. Artists. Coaches. Retirees. Writers. Painters. Speakers. Gem Stone Lovers. Nurses. Abused Women-Overcomers. Drs. Pastor’s Wife. Teachers. Counselors. Musicians. Professors. And other gifted women.) 

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