For women in abuse they see and watch others’ lives go forward, but they’re stuck. Also for women in grief and loss. And perhaps for children that lived in abuse who are now adults. There is such trauma around it all.

20 reasons not to give up on you and your life!

For women in abuse reading this, what people invite you to engage in your life to live? To not give up on you?

For those of you reading this blog post who have never experienced any type of abuse, be thankful and let me suggest you give grace to your girlfriend, or sister, or mother, or neighbor, or someone you know that talks about abuse. You may invite them here and for my free course, Recipes to Awaken Your Heart. Recipes to Awaken Your Heart to live!

Over the years, I have told others, I did not understand what I lived in for over two decades, matter of fact, it was year 22 of my 27 year marriage. So how in the world could I explain what it was?

It’s crazy, chaotic, heart wrenching, and exhausting to live in abuse.

Often one is blamed, negated, or shamed into submission and scripture is used to trap and twist her up. I know it well.

And then fear wallops with a few large threats and one barely has the strength to keep stepping day after day.

Then, when the “suddenlies” of life smack, like deaths, job loss, both feet step slowly, like a little child, hunched down with tears tumbling.

If you are reading this post and in abuse, please grab paper and a pen and go write out who inspires you NOT to give up on your life?

Keep the list nearby to glance at like a list of silent cheerleaders!

I am  going to give you five truths to start with and add to your list.

  1. He fashioned you. Read Psalm 139. You were GOD’s idea. He allowed your biological parents to bring you into the WORLD.
  2. If you were conceived because of a rape or a one night stand, guess what? GOD wanted you born. Believe it. Own it and it will change your life.
  3. IF your parents raised you, or your mom as a single, or your dad, or your grandparents, or your adoptive parents, receive that GOD is the one that is orchestrating your life story. Again, read all of Psalm 139 and anchor tight to HIM.
  4. The Bible is our blueprint to live by. Again, read Psalm 139 and read it in the Message paraphrase.
  5. I care about you. I know abuse and I am so sorry for what you have lived through. But, I do know, that GOD can heal minced hearts. I know so. I am proof.
Now continue on with your list. Who has God put in your life that blesses you and you want to be the best you for them? They offer you hope?

Here are a few of mine that God has put in my life and helped me stay the course to freedom.

  1. Jesus – the Word. The Bible.
  2. My father, a man of integrity. He walked his talk.
  3. My mom, a lover of her children.
  4. My brother, Allan. His early death woke me up.
  5. My three children
  6. My grandchildren
  7. Deb, Diana, Bill & Tammy
  8. Nephews. Nieces.
  9. Ruth, Deanna, Cindy, Susan.
  10. Counselors… Drs. H, R, B
  11. Author Edith Schaefer
  12. Author Dr. Katie Brazelton
  13. Author Henry Blackaby
  14. Author Elisabeth Elliott
  15. Jerry and Sheri, Dianne, Pat,
  16. The WORD of GOD!
  17. I want my pain to count.
  18. Hungry Women
  19. Harried women…
  20. My life purpose…
Make your list of people or things God has put in your life to cheer you on. And if you think you have no one, you are wrong. Start with the five I gave you and begin.
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