20 heartfelt hurts when emotional abuse is in play!

  1. Alone
  2. Anxious
  3. Blamed
  4. Codependent
  5. Criticized
  6. Guilted
  7. Ignored
  8. Isolated
  9. Manipulated
  10. Not heard
  11. Not validated
  12. Receives no empathy
  13. Second guessing grows
  14. Enables him, (secret)
  15. Seeks counseling and maybe the spouse too, only to pacify for a time.
  16. Shame is huge
  17. She feels like his thumb is on her with all things and for sure with finances
  18. She is told, she ask too much. Therefore, she is the crazy one.
  19. She tries harder
  20. Used for sex

How many do you feel?

How long have you tried harder?

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