Grief takes work. It’s messy and hard. And it comes in all sizes and shapes.

And sometimes it is very hard to put a finger on your grief and loss.

The beginning step is to admit, I am grieving!

Name it. Feel it.

And the best way to face grief is through——– it———-  That is CRUCIAL!

And if you are stuck, what will you choose to do?

I have a grief loss coaching page, like an audit or inventory, I give it to my clients. There are over 100 boxes on that list to check from. I also use this coaching page when I speak at churches, and it is in my next book. To stay in touch so you know when that book is released, here is my first book to thank you, Enable Me, Lord, to Shift, book #1

Recently, I spoke at a church to offer support to those hurting in their midst. I delivered three diverse workshop talks.  I spoke, taught, and coached in a workshop setting.

Here are a few of their hard grief scenes:

  • Too much change and it’s difficult to deal with life.
  • Death of close family members.
  • Getting older. How to adjust.
  • My two kids in heaven and my health, plus my husband’s health and my negativity.
  • The loss of my son and husband.
  • I need to accept death and understanding why.
  • Loss of my mom, husband, and I am a cancer survivor.
  • Loss of family and friends and realization of how many pass alone and in pain.
  • Loss of son, father, mother, and two brothers, and a friend is losing her memory.
  • Losing my husband and my mom.
  • Pain of losing a good friend and hoping to help his family. I believe GOD does miracles, but He didn’t come through for me. I shared with others to believe and then it did not turn out. I feel I failed.

I appreciate their honesty as I cannot help them if they are not honest.

What they learned?

The Five R’s. Listen here to this YouTube Hope for those Hurting!

Plus, they learned…

  • I can only do my grief work.
  • God has a plan.
  • This is the best two hours I have spent in a long time.
  • I am back in the Word.
  • To remember to put God in our life and plans.
  • God is not going to do for me, what He knows I can do myself.
  • I have to get closer to God in order to find peace.
  • Standing on the Ten Truths page with those verses.
  • Understanding my emotions and turning to GOD for help.
  • This helped me with my anger and feelings for God taking my grandson.
  • How to move on during hard times.
  • To understand disappointment and change to HIS appointment.
  • To receive, can be humbling.
  • Which stands out to you?

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Or purchase coaching to help shrink your pain and then move into purpose! Get real. Get raw. Gain Traction!

And how to create while in grief! Overcoming grief and loss!