5 Tips to Survive a Holiday!

No matter the holiday, holidays can leave someone longing and craving and wanting more.  The normal routine stops. Silence slinks in. Our rhythm is changed up. And an inner empty space is exposed.

Holidays highlight that empty ache more so than not! It hounds and raises an uncomfortable feeling if one is addicted to busyness. Then add these in to shake a person up: Changeups, clutter, chaos, crisis, and grief or graduations? Or perhaps boredom, bedridden, stuck, and sad?

  • I recall a Christmas, I traveled alone sobbing in grief.
  • A Thanksgiving, when I was shaken by fear when I saw a symbol and a message left on my open Bible to a particular scripture verse placed on my office desk to induce me into fear and manipulation.
  • A Memorial Day where all I did was work and work and work.
  • A Labor Day when loneliness wanted to consume me.
  • An Easter of loss and grief.

These  too pull our heartstrings on holidays!

  • Memories
  • Traditions
  • Nostalgia
  • Triggers
  • Food
  • Relationships
  • And addictions fly high over the holidays. So if you lived or live with an addict, beware.
5 Tips to Survive a Holiday!
  1.  Remind yourself, that almighty Father God understands your greatest needs… Psalm 139:1- 2 “ You have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I get up; You understand my thought from far away.” ( NASB) Spend time soaking in the WORD to marinate your mind in it
  2. Give to someone this holiday. GIVE. GIVE! Even a listening ear.

  3. Get outside and enjoy the weather. It brings life to your soul, fresh air, walking, and some sunshine on your cheeks.

  4. Reach out to someone, call someone, text, visit, connect. Human touch point is a must.
  5. Make a new memory for you, just a baby step!

And if you are in abuse or in grief right now and desire a coaching session over the holiday weekend, email for  a time, as I do work certain hours and coach when the holidays bring in more loneliness.  Email! 

Or coaching plan and we start now. Get real. Get raw. Gain Traction!

Which will you try to help you?