Mother’s Day and emotional pain can come together.

I discovered this years ago, and more recently when I wrote a blog that had a high amount of readers on Mother’s Day!

 Mother’s Day can be so hard! Brutal for many, why?

  1. A woman wants to become a mom and she isn’t a mom.
  2. A mom was not a great role model and now she is dead. The wounds hound and regrets gnaw.
  3. You are waiting on your mom to give you a stamp of approval or of acceptance! She ignores you and you want to know “YOU HAVE VALUE.”
  4. Maybe, you never ever met your mom. And there is this huge hole in your heart. Maybe a lot of anger? And you have tried to bury it, but at the same time you are burying yourself.
  5. Or you were adopted and you have lots of questions or perhaps you believe a lie, that you were not wanted. (You started in the mind of GOD. He wanted you created. And allowed you be created.) You do matter. You do count.
  6. Or perhaps your child has passed, and if so, I am so sorry. Or perhaps, you have broken relationships with your child or children, or perhaps abuse has entered into your adult child’s life and you are not allowed to converse with your adult child.  Or you write your pain here…
  7. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

So how do you make it through Mother’s Day?

Years ago, my story fit number one above. I wanted to become a mom and yet infertility became a long chapter in my life!

This is what I chose to do:

  1.  It was Mother’s Day. I recognized it as a day to honor my mom with a card, a gift, flowers or a phone call.  That showed her the respect she deserved. I loved her and had an awesome mom. 
  2. I wished women I knew a Happy Mother’s Day!
  3. I got my eyes off of myself, and gave thanks for what I did have.

And if you have children and they are passed on or they choose not to reach out to you today, remind yourself,  they are adults and make their own decisions and someday they may realize the truth of what  a great mom you were/are.

AND DO remember, your acceptance and worth comes from only God. He made you. He gives you life. And you still have a life purpose. 
  1. Buy yourself some flowers. Celebrate, you’re a mom! Or you’re a daughter!
  2. Give thanks all day long.
  3. Recall the good… you did as  a mom or what you had with your mother.
  4. Share one thing you will do for Mother’s Day!

And if you are stuck and want to go forward in life, get real and get raw to pour out the pain to go forward through coaching today. Forward I go!