That is a great question! How do you figure out your purpose? 

You do have a life purpose that is unique to you. 

How do I know this, just read all over this website and you can discover this is my life purpose and this is why I am still alive, I am to coach women to step into the discovery of their life purpose so they can live beyond emotional pain from any horrific loss of betrayal, or grief and loss. I also have courses for men and women that sense they are to write their story and that is over on the course page.I am to write my hard story!

Almost twenty years ago this is what I was seeking, I wanted to see a Christian woman really alive, like alive, enjoying her life.

I wanted to see a Christian woman joy filled.

I wanted to see a Christian woman depending on the Word of God and believing it and living from it.

I wanted to see a woman fulfilled and content in her own skin.

I wanted to know I had not missed my life purpose.

I wanted to make a difference with my one life as I had lived for years in much emotional pain. I love being a mother and back then I was  a-stay-at-home- mom with my children. But children grow up. And now my children have their own lives.

I love teaching and loved teaching children! But I was burned out with the curriculum, yet one subject still jazzed me and still does and that was studying the Word of God.

I love hanging with women. Studies. Growth. I am about personal development. Women books and having a library full of them to help women grow. I love all the stuff for women to blossom.

I wanted to know this is it, this is what I was made to do and to deliver. Oh, I prayed for sure, year after year, what in the world am I alive for with all of this emotional pain year after year? There has to be a reason I was hurt so badly, Lord, what is my purpose? And He answered and showed me in 2006, my calling to become a Life Purpose Coach.

So back to you.

What do you see?

What is on your mind?

What will not go away?

What do you want to bring into matter, like hold it in your hands and walk out your desire?

Let me share when I filled out my coaching application for training, there was a blank spot to answer this question. What do you sense you are to write about, if you write.

I sensed I was to write, but I was so full of fear at that time and the belief, I could not write, so it was like. Well I think I am to write. And I am to write about fear, anxiety, loss, infertility and more women issues. Yes, I wrote that on my application. And that was hard to write admit and put down on paper, but it was revealing. And guess what? Two years later, I submitted an article that was published in the book, Live Big by Dr. Katie Brazelton on the topic of Face Your Fears. Yes, there you have it, even if you hear a whisper, go toward it.

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