Are you at a crossroad while living in emotional abuse? Lies ensnare you! You can not. You’re impossible. Why do you think you could do that? That’s not you. And on an on the negativity is pinned on you, to trap you and to keep you stuck.

Which way will you go?

Stay stuck in lies. Or step toward the truth!

Live in abuse or not live in abuse.

YOU always have a choice.

If you are in abuse dear woman, the emotional pain only grows! You barely live, as your voice is ignored, muted, gagged, or hushed.

Often for women living in abuse, she is subservient to the man. (And yes women can be abusive too.) And they will control as they do not want any pain, yet that does not work over time.

Are you at a crossroad to truth or to live in pretense?

If I turn to Truth what will it cost me?

If I choose to stay in denial, how long can I pretend to make it like this?

One line women believe is if I try harder, just a little harder. Or if I pray more, or do more. You watch he will change, etc. He will break. He will bow. He will admit.

I want you to know it is not try harder. That will only exhaust you more so. No person can change anyone. Only the Lord, can do that.

And abuse is all about power and control and to whittle you down.

So what will you decide if you are at a crossroad in life?

Are you tired of living in the land of denial?

Do you want passion, vision, mission, satisfaction, joy, adventure, success and balance?

It is the truth that sets you free.

Perhaps this blog post will help you bloom? Let go and bloom!

I can help you navigate the unchartered waters of stepping out of emotional abuse to a new life. It can be done. I know so. Let’s chat

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