How do you grow your faith?

You have to exercise your faith muscles in the domain of your life that you get stuck in. So how do you do that?

 Begin with the reality of your life.  Very basic, you take stock or inventory right where you’re at. And if you keep repeating outcomes that you do not like in your life in a domain, or several domains. That is a hint. You are stuck. 

  • Do you need to pull back the veil of pretense?
  • Bust out of denial?
  • Tear off the masks you hide behind

Admitting you’re stuck is the first step.

Second, to admit the area you are stuck in.

Third, is to know your aim. Your bullseye. If you don’t know your target you will miss it every time. Let me give you an example.

In the midst of my journey when I lived in the house on the hill in the abuse, at some time and somewhere GOD led me to the verse John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (NASB).

I recall saying, yes, I have lived the first part of this verse and I am sick and tired of it, I am a child of the KING and I want the last part of that verse. I told GOD that. And I prayed for the last part of the verse. I wanted to experience peace, passion and purpose.

Then shortly after I read and heard this quote, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” (Saint Irenaeus) I knew I wanted my life to bring glory to GOD therefore, I realized I best come alive! And I had a lot of work to do on me. That was my aim, to come alive in every domain of my life.

And dear reader, that is what I did and do with coaching women from pain to life purpose to live beyond any betrayal, loss and grief.

And helping men write their hard stories as well, in order to bring glory to GOD with your story and to come alive.

Come out. Come out. Come out and live for the LORD! Write Your Hard Story and Come Alive Course!

  • Are you living your life fully alive?
  • Do you want to come alive?
  • Do you want to bring Him glory with your one life?

The Enable Me, Lord, to Shift books are written simply for women and men to learn to grow their faith in each domain of  their life.

  • You read.
  • You take inventory.
  • You see your gap.
  • You put the verse into action to change your life. It is the Word of GOD and action that will set you free, by walking the Word out!

Are you stuck in idle? Learn how to Shift into the Truth and LIVE!

Enable Me, Lord, to Shift coaching devotionals that empower

Enable Me, Lord, to Shift– Spiritual Doman

Enable Me, Lord, to Shift-Mental Domain

Enable Me, Lord, to Shift- Emotional Domain

Enable Me, Lord, to Shift- Relationship Domain

More books in the works.

Which domain do you need help in?

Do you desire to be coached to get unstuck? Let’s chat!