Each year, the 16 Over 60 Awards recognize 16 Engaged & Inspiring individuals who are 60 years of age or more. Through their continuing achievements, passions, and impacts on those around them, these Honorees exemplify the vigor and purpose that may flourish with age and experience. Senior Neighbors.

Senior Neighbors put this award into place because there is much focus these days on staying young. Like life only occurs when you’re young in age. They chose to honor individuals that are ageing, yet living life to the fullest.

And I am honored and humbled to be a 2023 recipient!

I give a shout out to God. And this is why I share this news here on my blog. Nominations for this award are people that have impacted people in the Kent County area which includes the city of Grand Rapids, MI.

I wish you could be there to hear my talk next week at the event. I have four slides that I will share and talk a few minutes on what it is I do, and why I coach, speak, and write on behalf of hurting, harried, and women that hunger for more purpose!

I help women find purpose with their pain.

These are truths I know:

  1. As we step out to obey what we sense GOD has created us for He swings the doors wide open!
  2. I never knew there was such an event– but God did, and so did the woman that nominated me. And then the committee  who selected this years honorees.
  3. I am honored.
  4. I am humbled.
  5. I am thankful.
  6. I rejoice as I will be speaking and sharing why I do what I do and it all stems from God and His purpose in my life and His answer to my prayers.
  7. I look forward to meeting the other 15 honorees.
  8. I am expecting a celebration with several loved ones!
  9.  And I am so very thankful!
  10. And if you want to read more from the booklet that will be at our tables, here you are.  And to God, I give thanks!

Darlene Larson, a seasoned life purpose and grief-loss coach, is also an accomplished author. Her fifth book, focusing on grief and loss, is set to release in 2024. Recognized as a leading Christian Life Purpose Coach, she specializes in helping women find purpose in adversity.

She holds leadership roles in organizations like the Well Ministry for Creatives and serves as faculty for The Well Conference and Speak Up Conference, empowering Christian leaders in speaking and writing. She has also spoken as an advocate for teenage girls at the GEM Conference at Calvin College.  As an active member of the Word Weavers, Grand Rapids North Group, Darlene supports fellow writers, and within her church, she teaches, leads groups, and volunteers.

Using online resources, she connects with women throughout the world offering a complimentary short coach call and newsletters. Darlene is a sought-after speaker for various organizations, and her entrepreneurial venture, Hearts with a Purpose, helps women worldwide to find purpose through their pain. Certified in Life Purpose Coaching®, Grief-loss Coaching, and Recovery Coaching, Darlene’s educational background, personal story, and teaching experience underline her commitment to empowering women on their life journeys.

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