Have you ever thought it’s impossible to change? I have, yet GOD showed me the Truth!  Begin with small bites of truth and with small steps and you can change. I know so. And repeat these recipes to live and break free to live life God’s Way. This is the recipe to live life free of pretense, and to become real with God. Then you can receive His love and so much more.

The Recipe to live life free of pretense:

  1. State where you are faking it with GOD.
  2. Sit and tell GOD the Truth. I do not trust you. I am fearful. You did not answer my prayer. I am mad at you. Just be honest with GOD.
  3. Speak slowly and honestly. You are talking to the King of the World.
  4. Now ask Him to fill you with what you really want, the Truth.
  5. Scripture states, Psalm 145:18, “The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,
    To all who call upon Him in truth.” Thank HIM for being near to you.
  6. And this is what you are doing, speaking the Truth.
  7. Then look for where He is near to you. Keep watching for Him to show up in your life.

Please know this is the beginning to change your life away from pretense.

 You are being honest.

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