How do you go forward in life? 

Emotional pain weigh women down. 

I am sad. I lost loved ones- four matter of fact. I lost a pet and have moved numerous times in the last five years.  How do I get past the emotional pain, loneliness, and I don’t care attitude to want to live, and to actually step forward?

I want to experience contentment, joy, peace, friendships, satisfaction, clarity, and purpose.

Number one is to remind yourself, only you can choose to change your life.

And only you know how you feel! And YOU have to want to get to the root issue and to what causes you to get stuck and sit and spin.

What is your emotional pain point?

Can you describe it?  How does it make you feel?

I describe emotional pain as an uncomfortable feeling under our skin and within us. It festers and peeks its ugly head up and often, we don’t know what to do with it. And sometimes in life, people try to avoid emotional pain so they do all, to fix all, like placing masking tape over their ache and yet, they are so very stuck.

Does the emotional pain come from how you are treated?

Or perhaps, you are not taking care of YOU? Or you have not dealt with stuff from your past and you need to.

Where does it come from:

A betrayal?

A loss?

A death?


Left out?


Is it an empty void sense?

Is it a fear of stepping out to the unknown?

Is it fear based and you are stuck?

Is it from unforgiveness?

We cannot change a situation unless we are aware of the discomfort and we want to step out of it.

So name it, can you? Be honest. Don’t stay stuck in denial as you can not go forward in life.

The recipe to know how to step forward in life?

  1. Recognize if emotional pain is taking up more space in your life.
  2. If it is growing, do get help. Get into counseling. And if you want coaching, then book a time.
  3. Name what you are feeling… what is going on.
    1. Abandonment
    2. Loneliness
    3. Fear
    4. What?
    5. Many steps have to occur too if you are in grief and loss…
  4. Find a verse of Truth to help you speak the TRUTH to change out of the emotional pain, but you also need to talk to someone to empower you…isolation is not good, if you are doing that. We are made to connect.  

Let me know how you do.

Name your emotional pain? If you want to grow and go forward more so-,  Book 20 minutes of complimentary coaching!