How To Women’s Recipes For Sale:

Which recipe do you need in order to change your life?

Every domain of my life, but one, was smashed from living in an emotional, mental, and financial abusive marriage for over a quarter of a century. Because I am a woman of faith and of the Word, the spiritual domain, or my relationship with GOD, the abuser could not touch or take away from me.

However, I still had work to do and I needed to rebuild my life and I needed every recipe that I could find in the Word of GOD to make my life work and well.

Today, a dozen years later, I help women whip up recipes for them to grow and change from the inside out!

No matter your story, GOD is willing to redeem all of it, if you allow Him access. But you have to take the steps toward GOD.

Which recipe do you need to address to change your life?

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We meet over a zoom private coaching of 45 minutes and with coaching worksheet if applicable, and for $199.00 be coached to freedom in the Recipe You Want Help with. Then leave with your three ingredient steps, at least, to create what you need in that area of your life so you can have direction, clarity, peace, and know how to change your life.

  1. Who am I Recipe!

2. How to heal from the piercings of betrayal to go forward in life?

3. How to shift loneliness to lovely and survive recipe?

4. How to shift the left overs from abuse: used, abused, victim mentality to a VICTORY Recipe!

5. How to face anger and break the cycle recipe?

6. How to shift self-hatred, hopeless, and helpless, to a Hopeful Recipe!

7. How to stop soaking in Sadness instead sip on Joy Recipe!

8. How to stop the shame stronghold  and release Recipe!

9. How to pour out the gully of Grief and Work Through the Loss and Pain Recipe!

10. How to know your vision to step forward? Create your own vision board Recipe!

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