Why Life Purpose Coaching with Darlene Larson works?

Here is my heart before you read a few of my clients words.

  • This is my life purpose: to coach women toward their life purpose.
  • I coach faith based. And I was my first coaching client over 17 years ago.
  • And I am still coached today by another coach, as I believe every coach ought to be coached!
  • I am a lover of the Lord, His Word, and I care for the hearts of women!
  • I am a Life Purpose Coach, Grief-loss Coach, Recovery Coach, and Life Coach, yet Life Purpose Coaching is what I aim all women toward. No matter your pain you have a purpose.
  • No matter your story you have a purpose.
  • It is only your life purpose that will cause you to thrive and to bring GLORY with your life!
  • THE SKINNY — a “short” summary of what your coaching meant!! Darlene was an oasis of encouragement! She prayed for me unceasingly, caused me to believe in myself again, and gave me personal tools to move forward with all my goals. Her coaching touched every aspect of my life—I’ve regained confidence to move forward and I keep pace without spinning my wheels! Signing up for her coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve made in years! L.W. 61 years old   

  •  “Oh dear, God sure knows when to nudge you. Thank you. Love to you.” (65 year old client) I had shot off an email to her earlier in the day as I check in on my clients, and the above was her first comment back.

  • Your work inspired me. I am taking ukulele lessons. (N. O.)
  • . I received a text from a former coaching client. I facilitated this woman’s lifeplan. If you are curious what that is, it is now in a course and you can work through it on your own over 90 days to discover your own LifePlan here. Lifeplan Course-discover your purpose! Then this woman went on and said, “I was accepted into a PROGRAM and I want to thank you sooo much for all your prayers, time spent in the trenches, truth and encouragement!!” (Kim)

I am so proud of this woman, as she had to  step forward and pivot away from the lies, and the FEAR that wanted her to stop. 

I am one proud coach on behalf of each of these women.

And I work with women who think they are ordinary women and they want more for their life and to become extra-ordinary women. As when they SEE themselves as GOD wants them to SEE themselves, women let go of believing they are Plain Jane, or Sally Stuck in the Mud, or Low Lucy.

Once a woman takes inventory of all she has been entrusted with and with her story she can make great strides if she is willing to step by faith…and allow GOD to use her with the GIFTS HE has entrusted her with.

And if you are ready to tap into your extra-ordinary gifts, reach out to me for coaching offers as I have three diverse coaching plans that help women go from sadness to joy, from ho-hum boredom to zest, and to no purpose to purpose, and from self-pity to soaring with focus and clarity. And to create what God wants you to create!

Do you want to be like these women that do not want to waste their life?

If so, reach out for coaching options. .Email!