Do you long to have someone listen to you?

To listen offers pure acceptance. 

I see you. I hear you. I want to know what is on your mind and on your heart. I care enough about you that I will stop and soak you in.

Do you long for someone to offer you this most beautiful gift?

I know I craved for someone to listen to me for years, and I mean over two decades worth of time, as my words were falling on mute ears. 

I did the one thing I could control. I chose to learn to listen in this long season of deep pain. I tuned in, turned it up, and grew in my listening skills. Thus my hearing rose to the top of my five senses. 

The art of being listened to is a rare gift these days with our digital world we live in, and the noise that is increasing in our world.  Yet, our human soul needs to be heard. It’s apart of our makeup! We have something of value to say and to share to the world.

And today, I love to give the art of listening when I speak, when I write, and to women I coach. I create space in all these arenas so a woman can share, speak her mind, write her thoughts, and share her heart.

Today when I coach, I coach face to face, over the phone, and over zoom.

My back story of living in abuse for over two decades honed my listening skills. I went on high alert to figure out my story like a detective in a war zone. So now I can help other women unfold theirs.

As I coach, I stop talking. I allow a client to voice what it is she wants to share.

  • And If I need to ask a question, I will.
  • I hear her words.
  • I hear repetitive words in her stories.
  • I hear the patterns of words she uses over and over.
  • And I hear what makes her expressions of her voice rise and what causes it to drop.
  • And I hear if there is any word or phrase that does not match what she previously said.
  • And I actively listen for what she does not tell me.

According to the Word of God, if you want to be considered wise, you will hear and also learn. A wise man will hear and increase in learning… (Proverbs 1:5a, NASB).

I want to be a wise coach so I use my ears and sharpen my listening skills.

Do you want someone to listen to you and your story so you can go and grow forward?

And if you read this and what to be listened to, to share, to speak, to weep, to ask, and to grow forward, not just to complain, but you want to grow, let’s talk about coaching, to help you grow your voice stronger for your future journey. Schedule!