Who am I?

It was in 2003, Jan./Feb. cold, blustery days and a long new year loomed out in front of me. I sat in my nook area at the House on the Hill and asked two questions to God, who am I and what do you want to do with me at this season of my life?

God has certainly answered  both questions. 

I know without a doubt I am a daughter of the most HIGH King, loved and valued because of whose I am. And therefore, I know who I am.

And what am I to be doing until my last breath?

Hearts with a Purpose! Which is to coach, speak, teach and write on behalf of the needs of hurting, harried, and hungry women that want more from their life.  

Now what about you?

I ask questions. The reason I ask questions is to draw your story out of you.

It is incredible when women speak to me, “I never told anyone that dream or desire or want” and BOOM, BINGO, there it is. She  speaks her heart aloud and it comes together. It is an incredible joy to see, hear, and cheer women on to become alive and then step forward to soar, smile, skip, and even try new food, travels, adventure, words, and they leave their own skin of lies on the floor to live out their purpose.  I beam with JOY for them.

They have been set free by the Truth, by who God says they are. Now to live out what He has created them for.  

Let me bring this even up closer. I received via email, a woman’s homework of her coaching info for this Monday when I coach her. She has written out her words and answered many questions. But her written words are only one layer of her heart.  The real fruit comes when I ask her to tell me more, what is it that occurred in that story, what did that mean to you, what then did you believe, and is that the Truth about you or not?

There is so much that comes up and out through conversational coaching, as she shares and begins to hear and see where she has been stopped, blocked or, may have loved a lie. Then the wonderful “AHA” comes out. It’s  thrilling to watch a woman grow from the inside out.

I want that for every woman that comes across  Hearts with a Purpose.

Jesus died to set us free. Free to live and free to be ourselves, not copies of what others say or do. He created us for a Purpose.

So let me ask you, are you all in to live out your life?

If not, become engaged in your life! One of  my clients said to me last week, “I don’t know why it took me so long to get at this stage in my life?” as she smiled ear to ear.

Discover who you are! 

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