How can I shrink my second guessing?

The answer is to know the truth as doubt delivers second guessing!

Know the truth and if that has been scrambled in the abuse, discover the truth about YOU!

Any woman who has lived in abuse, second guessing is a given. It begins by the abuser casting doubt on the woman’s value of her worth.

  • Are you going to wear that? (Yet, he never compliments anyways.)
  • Why did you get your hair cut that way? (Yet, he never compliments the way you had your hair.)
  • Why did you buy that?
  • Don’t expect… (Whatever you are hoping for).
  • You need to… (Fix their problem)
  • You cannot do that… (Whatever you want to do for YOU)
  • You should… (Do whatever they say)

Daily a woman is delivered  a diet of change ups. That leads to chaos and confusion. The woman spins and is stuck, keeps her off kilter or off balance, never knowing what is next or what is coming from the abuser.

The second guessing causes one to doubt their very existence.

I have no value to offer anyone anything therefore, I am stuck and swallowed up by fear.

  • Second guessing is subtle.
  • Second guessing is sneaky.
  • Second guessing becomes a habit forming mind-set.
  • Second guessing is like being stuck on a people mover in an airport. You go one way and get off and turn around and come right back where you started. It is addictive! Break free! Be coached to discover how to step out of and then, stop the second guessing to become all you were created for and NOT what an abuser pins on you!

Discover YOU! Try coaching and shrink your second guessing away!