A woman looking online for course, I want to be me.

I got to be me!


What am I missing? What is next? Who am I?

 I got to be me. I want to be ME!  Be coached to become you!

Experience a calmness of mind that you have never had before, knowing this is YOU and you are comfortable in your own skin! 12 Weeks of private focused zoom coaching- each week meet for one hour! 

  • Speak the sneak peeks you’ve had about your dream. Now step toward them.
  • Recognize your limiting beliefs that beat you up. Let them go. Learn to be still and speak the TRUTH into your soul!
  • Let go of the past. Unlock your potential and live in peace from within.
  • Recycle the pain in your story. Purpose and pizzazz. Live!
  • Live beyond the emotional pain,  knowing you were made to do this>>>!
  • Experience joy, passion, mission, and adventure doing what you’re created for!
  • Life Changing coaching curriculum included, PDF’s and access to Darlene through email and/or text availability during the 12 weeks. (Books purchased on your own.)  Read testimonies from clients on home page and about page. Work with a seasoned coach who has a trained ear to hear your heart.
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If you have a question book a time!  The worse thing you can do is nothing!

(Women Darlene has coached:  Moms. Artists. Coaches. Retirees. Writers. Painters. Speakers. Gem Stone Lovers. Nurses. Abused Women-Overcomers. Doctors. Pastor’s Wife. Teachers. Counselors. Medical Professionals. Musicians. Professors. And other gifted women.) 

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Life Purpose Coach

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