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If you don’t like your results in life, then you have to ask, what are you thinking on?

  • Change your thoughts change your life.
  • Whether it is working on a relationship at work, or at home, or writing a book, or learning to confront, your thoughts drive your behavior. What is leading you astray? Darlene has a tuned in and trained ear to know where you get stuck.
Meet once a month over a year, with a subscription plan to be coached, by a well seasoned coach to stay the course to completion in spite of THE HARD. YOU will flourish if you do the work! Weekly e-mail check ins during the month so you can stay focused
Purchase for $240.00 and have your own sage of a coach cheering you on to succeed to get the results you want over a years time!
Or purchase this coaching plan for intentional change in a shorter time, three month coaching plan to get results of what you desire faster!

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